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Wōden's Way

Join me and others as you learn to liberate yourself from fears, reclaim your legacy, and build your kingdom over the course of 13 weeks.


If you’re like most adults these days, you probably feel stuck. Like life is kicking you while you’re down. It’s no wonder people today find themselves…

Unappreciated: You don’t feel appreciated or understood. Your partner and children don’t appreciate your efforts so you let it build up into resentment.

Unfulfilled: Things aren’t the same at home. So you spend time scrolling through Instagram or fantasizing about others.

Pressured: Whether you’re single and hustling, have a partner and you’re both working to make ends meet – you have to bring home the bacon, so you work your ass off all day, but feel stressed, miserable, and alone.

And society expects us to suck it up and move on. The problem is, this is leaving us feeling inadequate, frustrated, and just plain tired.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.


A path that will liberate you from the fear and struggle, and transform you into the hero you’re meant to be.

As an adult, you can be a prince… or you can be a Sovereign.

A Sovereign is a mature, service-oriented leader focused on building their kingdom.
A Sovereign doesn’t need external validation, they’re too focused on service and growth to worry about what other people think.
A Sovereign doesn’t play the game of “right now,” and instead allows their long-term vision to drive their immediate and short term actions.

A Sovereign is building a legacy.


If you’re tired of feeling empty, alone, and inadequate, it’s time to reclaim your power once and for all.

Join me, and embark on a 13-week journey of transformation. Wōden’s Way consists of cutting edge training, embedded with wisdom from mythology and anthropology. During this course, you will gain access to three models of engaging with your life. These are ancient and foundational frameworks to navigate toward living life as Sovereign. The same frameworks used by successful leaders, warriors, and Kings throughout history.

The Three Models are The Pack, The Jungian Archetypes (four of them, specifically), and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

Model #1 – THE PACK

This is a proven 3-stage infrastructure on how to build a successful sports team, military unit, company, or family. We’ll show you the process of becoming a leader, growing a loyal pack, and building a kingdom you’re proud of.


We’ll teach you how to master four specific Jungian Archetypes in the modern world…

The King – Career, Business, and Money: Build a kingdom you’re proud of. Grow your career, build a business, earn more money, and create an epic life focused on growth and service.

The Warrior – Fitness, Health, and Vitality: Unleash your inner warrior. Learn ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science to optimize your health, perform better, and feel younger.

The Magician – Mastery and Spiritual Practice: Tap into your spiritual power, creativity, and master your being. Become the powerful magician who can create the world they want with the alchemy of self.

The Lover – Love, Sex, and Relationships: Learn how to master your inner lover to create a powerful romantic relationship, and build deeper relationships with your partner and kids.

Model #3 – Joseph Campbell’s HERO’S JOURNEY

Become the hero of your own life. Answer your call to adventure and go on the hero’s journey to become the best version of you possible.

This model contains the keys to overcoming obstacles and transforming into the hero you’re meant to be, and after completing the Hero’s journey you will gain clarity, focus, and confidence to take on any challenges life throws your way.

Craft a clear vision and roadmap for your future
Tap into your latent potential and unleash your power
End self-sabotage and destructive habits,
​Optimize your mind and body to feel young again
​Improve your relationships
​Bond with your kids and be a present parent
​Create financial stability for your family
​Build your personal kingdom and create a legacy
​Join a group of like-minded adults becoming their highest selves

THE TIME IS NOW, SPACES ARE LIMITED: Our next course begins on January 1, 2022. There are only 20 spots available. If you’re committed to changing your life then enroll now to join the upcoming course.

If you miss the deadline, you will have to wait until we open up our doors again.

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